Syria condemns U.S. strikes, branding Washington as primary source of global instability





The Syrian Foreign Ministry on Saturday lashed out at the U.S. administration for its attacks in eastern Syria, accusing Washington of being a primary source of global instability.



In a scathing statement, the ministry said the U.S. military forces are threatening international security and peace through attacks on nations, peoples, and sovereignty, and escalating conflicts in the Middle East.


The ministry accused the United States of attempting to revive terrorist activities in the region, emphasizing its consistent role in escalating conflicts in the already volatile Middle East.


In a critique directed at the U.S. administration for conducting a series of airstrikes on military positions in eastern Syria after midnight, reportedly targeting Iranian-backed militias’ strongholds, the ministry asserted that the attack is just one instance of the recurrent violations by the United States. The ministry cited a pattern of aggression, including actions by the alleged international coalition formed in 2014.

It strongly denounced what it deemed as U.S. backing for terrorism, civilian casualties, and ongoing exploitation of Syrian national resources.


Besides, the ministry criticized the U.S. administration for neglecting the United Nations Charter and international law, expressing apprehension about the “paralysis” within the United Nations Security Council. It attributed this paralysis to U.S. interference, impeding the council’s ability to address the alleged serious violations.


By Xinhua

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