How To Get A Cheap First Class Airline Ticket

The title looks so attractive and tempting but that is not all. Imagine this: You are flying 40,000 feet above ground with the best service you can get inclusive of full gourmet meals, privacy, free lounge access and all other amenities that come with a first class accommodation.



You get to avoid the crowded economy seats wherein you have to endure long hours of sitting on one position while trying to avoid the seat reclining in front of your to hit your face.

Every time you fly, you always want to seat in front portion of the plane receiving all the pampering and luxuries you can get. But then, you have to settle in seats where a majority of the people is seating. Crowd, noise, tight space and alleys make everything so uncomfortable in the economy class! It sounds like an instant nightmare already.

Thinking that there are people on board on the same plane who are enjoying themselves on the flight while you are hopelessly praying that the plane will arrive in your destination in the next minute so that your agony will end makes it all so ridiculous. But then, all these happened because you simply cannot afford the price of first class tickets. When you have no choice but to fly economy, there is nothing wrong with that except you have to endure the noise and the cramped spaces in between aisles and I between seats.



If, there is a way to fly first class with really cheap airline ticket, hat would be good news to all. Just thinking about hearing the voice of the flight attendant serving you with the finest wine on board is already music to your ears. You see yourself wandering around the plane with some of the people in top class society enjoying every minute of your flight and hope that the plane would fly a little longer.


One way to seat first class with a really cheap airline ticket is to look for several airline companies other than those you see on your TV screen. Chances are, these smaller airline companies offer airline tickets that allow you to fly first class at the price of an economy class. Although you are still allowed to check on the ticket prices of big airline companies, if your priority is to get really cheap airline tickets that will send you directly on the first class seat you need to look for other small airlines offering the same flight to your destination.

First class seats are often much cheaper with smaller airlines than bigger airlines. If you are worried about the luxury, other smaller airlines do have great service that can be comparable with big airline companies.



One more thing: off-beat carriers often offer cheap airline ticket for their first class seat compared to known airline companies because they do not pay too much on advertisements and marketing stints.

There are also some business class carriers that offer first class flights at a much cheaper rate. Tickets on these carriers might surprise you if one first class ticket could cost around $3000-$7000 from US to some countries in Europe, these carriers can give you as much as 80% on savings. That’s all the money’s worth for trying alternatives.

Lastly, keeping your frequent flyer points will take you in first class. If you fly often, you earn certain points. And those points are extra miles that can be converted to enough miles for your next first class flights, and then you get a really cheap airline ticket.

So, the next time you want to fly think of these ways and surely, you will be one of the few who are lucky to have the luxury of seating on wide couch and enjoying every minute of the flight without spending too much of your fortune.


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